Career Change

Make the change that makes you happy

It's time I found a career and not just another job.

I know I want a career change - but where do I start?

There's got to be a career path that suits me better.

How can I make sure that a career change will work for me?

It's all about finding the right fit

Career satisfaction and success comes when your interests and personality match the type of work you do and the people involved.

CareerHQ Compass will help you to:

Organise your thinking about career options.

Explore careers that match your interests & lifestyle preferences.

Compare your current career with other options that suit you.

The option to change path is always there, the hard part is finding your way.

Explore what works for you

Your ideal career shouldn't feel like work. It should work for you, meeting your lifestyle preferences to achieve career and life satisfaction.

Lifestyle considerations

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Make use of your interests

The CareerHQ Compass, with the world-renowned Career Key® personal interests profile, helps match you to suitable career options.

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Our approach uses the scientifically validated Holland codes to help you make good career decisions.

The choice is yours

The CareerHQ Compass is here to guide you to your own decisions, not make them for you. Once the Compass knows enough about you, it will produce a selection of career options that you can explore and select your top-picks.

You can also edit your results for up to 60 days.

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  • Today's employees will have


    careers over their working life.

  • Today's employees will have

    17 jobs

    over their working life.

  • Today's employees will have


    of jobs threatened by automation over the next 20 years.

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Your career can make and shape your life. Make a change that makes you happy with CareerHQ Compass.