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How do I know what careers I'm suited to?

How do I select a career path and know it is really "me"?

How do I select a work environment that suits my personality?

We get it

65% of young Australian’s want a career and not “just a job”.

CareerHQ Compass will help you to:

Find career options that fit your strengths and interests

Discover career options that suit your lifestyle preferences

Be confident about what you choose to do and why

Don't stress. It's a big decision, but there is help to make it easier.

Let's work with your interests

Utilising the world-renowned Career Key® personal interests profile, the CareerHQ Compass helps translate your interests into relevant career options.

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Focus on what works for you

Knowing what you do best and how you like to work and live helps to focus your options.

My Strengths


My Lifestyle Considerations

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Take your pick

The CareerHQ Compass is here to guide you to your own decisions, not make them for you. Once the Compass knows enough about you, we'll produce a range of career options that you can explore and select your top-picks.

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  • Why is finding the right career important?

    Only 42%

    of people aged 20-24 are in full-time work.

  • Why is finding the right career important?

    4.7 years

    is how long it takes for most students to move from school into full-time employment.

  • Why is finding the right career important?


    of young people's entry jobs are at risk of automation in the future.

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