Our Projects

In addition to working with over 140 Australian and New Zealand high schools, the following are a sample of our recent community projects.

Understanding the Voice of Young Adults in Tamworth (2018-19)

1,464 Tamworth high school students in years 9 to 12 participated in this project to map the career interests and skills of Tamworth students, and how they wish to be supported. This project was sponsored by the Tamworth Regional Council and Poultry Hub (a major local industry body).


"CareerHQ worked with our community, schools and Council to capture data on the career aspirations of some 1,400 local young people. CareerHQ then collated the information into a full report and delivered a highly engaging presentation to all key stakeholders sharing key findings based on the tailored needs of our community. I couldn’t speak more highly of Jess Pollard, John Mumm and Helen McGowan. They made the entire process from start to finish a seamless success." Charles Impey, Councillor Tamworth Regional Council & Careers Advisor Calrossy Anglican


  • 89% of Tamworth students selected that they know little to nothing about local industry.
  • The most popular industries for students largely align well with local employment opportunities, as evidenced by ABS employment data on the current demand for jobs in the region when compared alongside CareerHQ data.
  • Maths was the skill most students selected that they would like to improve.
  • 52% of students said they will leave Tamworth after school.
  • Two-thirds of students would be interested in studying locally if a suitable tertiary education campus existed.

Exploring Futures in the Sutherland Shire (2019)

Over 16 Sutherland Shire high school are participating in the Exploring Futures Project to map the career interests and skills of local students. Sponsored by the Sutherland Shire Council and the Southern Sydney Business Education Network, this project supports students’ career decision making, enhances school careers programs and informs Council strategic planning. Over 2,000 students are estimated to participate in 2019.


"This is a great tool for students. With the information provided, schools can better support students with their subject choices and course decisions to achieve their goals. In addition to that, career trends identified by the Exploring Futures Project will enable Council to support students’ aspirations and the needs of our local economy, allowing us to advocate for new and relevant courses to meet the needs of our young people.” Councillor Carmelo Pesce, Sutherland Shire Council Mayor

Connected Communities Strategy (2019 - 2021)

We are supporting the Connected Communities Strategy created by the NSW Department of Education and Communities to address the education and social disadvantage experienced by Aboriginal children and young people living in a number of communities throughout NSW. CareerHQ tools and technical support are being provided to participating schools across NSW.


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