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Career tools to empower your students

Help me to personalise my careers program and save me time.

Help me to support my students to explore career options that suit them.

Imagine all of my students being able to identify their interests and skills.

Help your students clarify their career & study options

The CareerHQ Compass is an interactive online tool which helps students to explore their skills, interests and lifestyle considerations to self-select a shortlist of 3 - 6 careers that they are interested in pursuing. It's the perfect tool to support critical decisions like subject selection, work experience and deciding on what to do after school.

CareerHQ supports your students to:

Explore their career interests profile using the internationally proven Career Key tool.

Identify their top foundation and soft skills, and those they would like to improve.

Identify 3-6 career and study options they are interested in pursuing after school.

“It’s often hard for young people to identify what their career might look like and we know that career planning is a lifelong activity. We’ve been working with the CareerHQ Compass for 3 years to help students start that process of exploration. The Compass also provides us with data to see trends across our cohorts each year and tailor our industry projects to suit the needs of our students."
Meredith Melville-Jones, Director Bradfield Senior College

CareerHQ supports your students to:

Students perform better in subjects and careers that they enjoy.

We make it easy for you to help your students to understand their likes & dislikes, strengths and skills.

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We make it easy for schools

We build a free webpage for your school


When you register with CareerHQ, we build your school a personalised CareerHQ website. This means your students can instantly begin the CareerHQ Compass.

We help you to personalise your careers program with a unique data-based approach


A CareerHQ subscription gives you access to each student’s CareerHQ Compass Report and the ability to instantly collate year-wide and school-wide data on the skills and career interests of students. You will have the ability to directly segment and contact students interested in particular career and study opportunities.

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Help your students to approach their career with confidence

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