Career tools to support student employability

I want to help my students to select courses which suit them to increase their study and employment success.

Imagine having data on all of the skills and career interests of my students.

Help me to connect my students with industry and learning opportunities and save me time.

Help support career and study clarity

We work with education and community organisations to help individuals to develop their career options through our integrated online career tools. Alongside helping individuals, we provide educators and advisers with organisation-wide data on the skills and career interests of their students, and how they wish to be supported in making employment and study decisions.

CareerHQ can support your organisation to:

Listen by understanding the skills and career interests of young people and how they wish to be supported toward employment.

Engage by supporting schools and communities to connect directly with students regarding industry and career opportunities.

Plan by enabling the voice of young people to inform future planning for your organisation.

“It’s often hard for young people to identify what their career might look like and we know that career planning is a lifelong activity. We’ve been working with the CareerHQ Compass for 3 years to help students start that process of exploration. The Compass also provides us with data to see trends across our cohorts each year and tailor our industry projects to suit the needs of our students."
Meredith Melville-Jones, Director Bradfield Senior College

Young people are empowered

The CareerHQ Compass is an interactive online tool which helps individuals explore their skills, interests and lifestyle considerations, and select a shortlist of 3 - 6 careers that they are interested in pursuing. It's the perfect tool to support critical decisions like what to study, what career path to pursue and how to transition into employment.

85% of students tell us that it gives them greater career confidence and clarity.

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Educators and advisers are supported

Alongside getting access to each individual’s CareerHQ Compass Report, educators and advisers are provided with data on the skills, jobs and industries of choice for the group. This can be used to inform decisions to maximise student engagement, retention and employment outcomes in your organisation.

Increase your retention and completion rates


The CareerHQ Compass will help your students to better match their interests and skills to career and study options to positively impact your overall retention and completion rates.

Support the employability of your students


With access to real-time data on the skills and career interests of your students, CareerHQ’s data can be used to more effectively connect your students with work experience, industry and employability programs.

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Help your students to manage their careers with confidence

To learn more about how CareerHQ could enhance your organisations career education program, click on this link.