Listen to the voices of your young people

What are the skills and career aspirations of young people in our community?

Do the career interests of our young people match local jobs?

How many of our young people are planning on leaving the area after school?

How can we better connect young people to local jobs?

What should local education providers be offering?

Support local schools and incorporate the voice of young people into your community’s future planning

We collaborate with communities to map the skills and career interests of their young adults, and how they wish to be supported in making employment and study decisions.

Our community data projects will help you to:

Listen by understanding the skills and career interests of young people and how they wish to be supported.

Engage by supporting schools and industry to connected directly with students regarding industry and career opportunities.

Plan by letting the voice of young people inform the future planning of organisations and regions.

"This is a great tool for students. With the information provided, schools can better support students with their subject choices and course decisions to achieve their goals. In addition to that, career trends identified by the Exploring Futures Project will enable Council to support students’ aspirations and the needs of our local economy, allowing us to advocate for new and relevant courses to meet the needs of our young people.”
Councillor Carmelo Pesce, Sutherland Shire Council Mayor

Young people are empowered

Young people in your region are given access to the CareerHQ Compass and tools to help develop career options that suit them.

85% of students tell us that it gives them greater career confidence and clarity.

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Schools are supported

Schools and careers advisers are provided with data on the skills, job and industries of choice for their students and how they wish to be supported in making career and study decisions. This data can be used to assist schools to develop careers programs and curricula to maximise local engagement and employment outcomes.

Help connect students & industry


Schools will be able to directly connect students with industry through our COMS dashboard. This online system allows teachers to segment and contact students interested in particular work experience, job and industry opportunities.

Future proof your community

Communities are given access to data on what careers and industries local young people are interested in, youth migration plans and potential skills and interest gaps. This data can be used to enhance local economic development by evaluating how the career interests and skills of your young talent pool match local employment needs.

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CareerHQ Community report

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Build a project to support your community

Contact CareerHQ to explore what a community project could look like in your area. We work with a variety of stakeholders from local and State government through to local support organisations.