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CareerHQ offers an integrated set of career education tools that support young adults, schools and educators, communities and policy-makers by providing tools and data to enhance career and study choices, community employment and engagement.

Along with supporting career decision making for individuals, our tools offer a unique data-based approach to assist education, industry, government and communities to understand and incorporate the voice of young people into their policies and programs. This helps to inform and develop innovative employment, social and education outcomes.

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CareerHQ Compass

Your personal guide to suitable career and study options.


Careers & Jobs Database

Australasia's leading database explaining over 900 jobs.


Careers Platform

Unique cloud-based platform to assist careers advisers and provide valuable data.


Community Projects

We collaborate with communities to map the skills, career interests and needs of young people.

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Our data focuses on sharing the career interests and skills of young people, how they feel about their education and local area, youth migration plans and how they wish to be supported in making career and study decisions. We support schools and communities to:

  • Listen by understanding the skills and career interests of young people and how they wish to be supported toward employment.
  • Engage by supporting schools and communities to connect directly with students regarding industry and career opportunities.
  • Plan by enabling the voice of young people to inform the future planning of education, organisations and regions.

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