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  • Bachelor of Applied Public Health

    Bachelor of Public Health students explore ways in which to improve the health of the population, prolong life and promote healthy living. Courses cover the science of health and how public policy is applied to it.

    ​Torrens University Australia
  • Bachelor of Applied Social Science (Community Services)

    Bachelor of Applied Social Science students learn the science of people, places and social problems in order to critically and creativity address complex real-world problems. Anthropology, Criminology, Gender Studies, Indigenous Studies, Philosophy, Sociology and Public Policy, Law and Governance are some of the majors that can be selected within this course.

    ​Torrens University Australia
  • Bachelor of Branded Fashion Design

    Bachelor of Fashion Design/Applied Fashion students explore their creativity and learn how to take designs from initial stage drawings to end stage products, as well as learning about the commercial side of the industry.

    ​Torrens University Australia
  • Bachelor of Business

    Bachelor of Business gives students the chance to study various aspects of the business world and prepare for a corporate career. A base education in all areas of business with a selected major is standard.

    ​Torrens University Australia

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