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Type of Study
Delivery Method
  • Bachelor of Adult and Applied Learning

    Bachelor of Adult and Applied Learning students study educational practices and learning strategies which can be applied to their own particular area of expertise.

    ​University of Tasmania
  • Bachelor of Arts (Education)

    Bachelor of Arts gives students the chance to study humanities, social sciences or liberal arts and offers a more flexible range of subjects than other degrees. A broad base education with a selected major is standard.

    Macquarie University
  • Bachelor of Educational Studies

    Bachelor of Education Studies students learn to analyse and develop education skills relevant for working in community or private settings including mentoring, after-school care and public community programs. This course provides a pathway into applying for further education to become a registered teaching for example of Masters of Teaching (Secondary).

    ​University of Tasmania
  • Bachelor of Human Sciences (Education)

    Bachelor of Human Sciences students focus on care within the community, case management, and treatments appropriate for different cultures. This course provides a pathway to further healthcare study.

    Macquarie University
  • Bachelor of Training and Development

    Bachelor of Training and Development students explore the fields of adult education and business to understand modern cross-disciplinary training and development research and approaches to improving learning outcomes in organisations.

    University of New England

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