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  • Bachelor of Social Science (Sociology and Anthropology)

    Bachelor of Social Science students learn the science of people, places and social problems in order to critically and creativity address complex real-world problems. Anthropology, Criminology, Gender Studies, Indigenous Studies, Philosophy, Sociology and Public Policy, Law and Governance are some of the majors that can be selected within this course.

    ​University of Newcastle
  • Bachelor of Social Work (Honours)

    Bachelor of Social Work students study counselling, community work, advocacy and public policy development, all with the aim of improving people's quality of life.

    ​University of Newcastle
  • Bachelor of Software Engineering (Honours)

    Bachelor of Software Engineering students learn the technical, theoretical and conceptual frameworks to design software that addresses complex problems in a broad range of domains. Foundations of Computing, Software Design Methodologies, Systems, Networks and Concurrency and Software Engineering are core units as part of this course.

    ​University of Newcastle
  • Bachelor of Speech Pathology (Honours)

    Bachelor of Speech Pathology students explore methods of communication and how to help those who struggle with it. They also study speech difficulties due to physical challenges.

    ​University of Newcastle
  • Bachelor of Surveying (Honours)

    Bachelor of Surveying students learn the skills necessary to register in NSW as a cadastral or mining surveyor. Engineering Design and Innovation, Surveying Computations, Math, Physics, Survey Applications and Geospatial Technology are core units as part of this course. A research thesis is required to complete the Honours program.

    ​University of Newcastle
  • Bachelor of Technology (Renewable Energy Systems)

    Bachelor of Technology students explore renewable energy systems and the technologies around them including geothermal heat, wind turbines and carbon capture.

    ​University of Newcastle
  • Bachelor of Visual Communication Design

    Bachelor of Visual Communication Design students study visual aspects of communication and how it's used within the media and branded environments.

    ​University of Newcastle

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