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Type of Study
Delivery Method
  • Bachelor of Social Work

    Bachelor of Social Work students study counselling, community work, advocacy and public policy development, all with the aim of improving people's quality of life.

    ​University of Tasmania
  • Bachelor of Surveying and Spatial Sciences

    Bachelor of Surveying and Spatial Science students learn a range of techniques including satellite sensing, geographic information systems, GPS, unmanned aerial systems and traditional measuring & analysis skills.

    ​University of Tasmania
  • Bachelor of Visual Communication

    Bachelor of Communication/Visual Communication students study all aspects of communication and how it's used in corporate dealings. Often there is an option to specialise within a particular area.

    ​University of Tasmania
  • Bachelors of Marine and Antarctic Science (Physics)

    Bachelor of Marine and Antarctic Science students study marine biology, oceanography, geographic information systems, antarctic governance and climate change.

    ​University of Tasmania

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