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Marine Surveyor

Marine surveyors inspect marine vessels for quality and safety, and recommend repairs.

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    VET qualification

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What does a Marine Surveyor do?

Marine surveyors inspect or survey marine vessels with regard to quality, safety, and compliance with standards or specifications. They also recommend appropriate repairs and investigate marine accidents.


Work activities

As a marine surveyor, you might:

  • inspect or survey marine vessels with regard to quality, safety and seaworthiness
  • ensure vessels comply with international standards or specifications
  • recommend appropriate repairs to marine vessels
  • measure ships for tonnage and assign a load line
  • inspect cargoes of seagoing vessels to certify compliance with national and international health and safety regulations in cargo handling and stowage
  • inspect cargo handling devices to identify maintenance needs or issues
  • examine vessels in relation to insurance claims, and write detailed reports 
  • investigate marine accidents and act as an expert witness.

Key skills and interests

To become a marine surveyor, you would need:

  • to enjoy practical activities
  • a love of water and the sea
  • problem-solving ability
  • a good grasp of mathematics and measuring
  • good written and verbal communication skills
  • an understanding of safety procedures and regulations
  • good teamwork skills.

Working hours and conditions

Working Hours

As a marine surveyor you would be expected to work a set number of hours per week, usually in daylight hours, but this may include weekends.


Marine surveyors work in ports or shipyards. Almost all work is done outdoors, in all sorts of weather. In addition to working at a specific port, you may need to travel to other ports and where individual vessels are docked. 

Marine surveyors may spend periods of time at sea, or away from home. Conditions on board ships and offshore platforms can be rough and you would work in all types of weather.


How to become an Marine Surveyor?

Entry Level Education

To become a marine surveyor you usually have to complete a VET level qualification in marine surveying. 

The Australasian Institute of Marine Surveyors is the largest industry body in the Australasian region for professional marine surveyors, and the only institution to currently offer a Diploma in Maritime Operations (Marine Surveying) in Australia.

For further information, see 


Job outlook

  • 1 2 3 4 5

Employment opportunities for marine surveyors are expected to grow at an average rate.

The boom in the cruising industry, and the greater volume of international cargo in and out of Australian ports, has increased the need for marine surveyors to inspect these vessels and ensure compliance with international regulations.


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