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Conservation Worker

Conservation workers do practical and manual tasks to revive and regenerate native bushland and farmland.

  • Entry-level education

    Junior secondary school certificate or equivalent

  • Job outlook

    1 2 3 4 5

What does a Conservation Worker do?

Conservation workers do practical and manual tasks to revive and regenerate native bushland and farmland. Conservation workers are also known as landcare workers or bushcare workers.


Work activities

As a conservation worker, you would:

  • remove weeds or other unwanted vegetation from native bushland
  • use herbicides to kill weeds
  • collect and propagate seeds of native plants
  • replant areas that need regeneration
  • collect botanical and environmental data
  • build and maintain access and public facilities in bushland
  • map vegetation
  • follow eradication programs for animal pests
  • maintain equipment used in bushland regeneration.

Key skills and interests

To become a conservation worker, you would need:

  • a passion for conservation
  • physical stamina
  • a thorough knowledge of native plants and wildlife
  • teamwork skills.

Working hours and conditions

Working Hours

As a conservation worker you would work a standard number of hours per week. Part-time or flexible working hours may be available.


You would be outdoors in all types of weather. This role is physically demanding and would require you to be very active. You would be using chemicals and herbicides. This role may not suit someone with allergies.


How to become an Conservation Worker?

Entry Level Education

You can work as a conservation worker without formal qualifications. You would get some training on the job. Your employment prospects may be improved if you have a VET qualification in conservation and land management.

You can also become a conservation worker through a traineeship in Conservation and Land Management. Generally, employers require a junior secondary school certificate or equivalent.


Job outlook

  • 1 2 3 4 5

Employment of conservation workers is projected to grow slower than the average for all occupations.

Conservation and landcare workers are mainly employed by state and local governments, and funding is often on a project basis. Conservation workers are also employed by private companies in areas such as construction, forestry and natural resources, to assist with bushland remediation. The availability of roles in these areas may also be on a project basis.


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