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Panel Beater (Vehicles)

Panel beaters repair and restore damage to vehicle bodywork following accidents.

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What does a Panel Beater (Vehicles) do?

Panel beaters repair and restore damage to vehicle bodywork following accidents.


Work activities

As a panel beater, you would:

  • remove damaged panels
  • use specialist tools to repair damaged panels or create new ones
  • repair existing panels with fillers
  • use welding equipment to piece new sections together
  • refit new or repaired panels along with locks or trims
  • spray new panels or damaged areas with paint to match vehicle colour
  • restore vehicles to factory clearances.

Key skills and interests

To become a panel beater, you would need:

  • to enjoy practical and physical work
  • normal colour vision
  • good hand-eye coordination
  • accuracy and detail
  • an ability with hand tools and machines.

Working hours and conditions

Working Hours

As a panel beater, you would usually work a standard number of hours per week. You may also work some evenings or weekends.


Panel beaters normally work in a workshop and wear protective clothing, including masks and goggles when handling chemicals and paints.


How to become an Panel Beater (Vehicles)?

Entry Level Education

To become a panel beater you usually have to complete an apprenticeship in Automotive Body Repair Technology. Generally, employers require a junior secondary school certificate or equivalent.


Job outlook

  • 1 2 3 4 5

Employment of panel beaters is expected to show positive growth over the next five years.

Increasing population and motor vehicle ownership provide sustained underlying demand for panel beating services. With limited numbers of people entering this occupation, qualified and certified panel beaters should enjoy solid employment prospects.


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