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Truck Driver

Truck drivers drive heavy vehicles which are used to transport goods and materials between locations.

  • Entry-level education

    Junior secondary school certificate or equivalent

  • Job outlook

    1 2 3 4 5

What does a Truck Driver do?

Truck drivers drive heavy vehicles which are used to transport goods and materials between locations.


Work activities

As a truck driver, you would:

Truck drivers may perform the following tasks:

  • make sure goods are loaded and secured correctly
  • couple and uncouple trailers
  • perform vehicle and security inspections as required by law
  • maintain a log of working hours, following all federal and state regulations
  • carry out basic vehicle maintenance
  • drive long distances
  • drive defensively in all road conditions
  • follow traffic laws.

Truck drivers carry a wide variety of goods including cars, timber logs, manufactured goods, livestock, refrigerated goods and dangerous goods.


Key skills and interests

To become a truck driver, you would need:

  • to enjoy practical work
  • good hand-eye coordination
  • good vision and hearing
  • mechanical aptitude
  • a good driving record and good driving ability
  • to be able to cope with the physical demands of the job
  • a safety-conscious approach to your work.

Working hours and conditions

Working Hours

Truck driving often requires early starts, long shifts, days away from home, as well as long-haul trips to country or interstate areas.


Truck drivers may drive company-owned vehicles or be owner-drivers. Owner-drivers must obtain their own delivery work.


How to become an Truck Driver?

Entry Level Education

You can work as a truck driver without formal qualifications. Applicants must undertake practical and written tests and obtain one or more heavy vehicle licences before commencing work.

You may be required to hold special licences when transporting certain cargoes, such as dangerous substances. In order to qualify for these licences, you may need to submit a medical certificate, an acceptable driving record and provide evidence of attending a competency training course administered by a Registered Training Organisation.


Job outlook

  • 1 2 3 4 5

Job prospects for truck drivers with the proper training are projected to be favourable.

Because of truck drivers’ difficult lifestyle and time spent away from home, many companies have trouble attracting and retaining qualified drivers, so opportunities are generally readily available.


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