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Bicycle Mechanic

As a bicycle or bike mechanic, you would build, repair and service all kinds of bicycles.

  • Entry-level education

    Junior secondary school certificate or equivalent

  • Job outlook

    1 2 3 4 5

What does a Bicycle Mechanic do?

As a bicycle or bike mechanic, you would build, repair and service all kinds of bicycles.


Work activities

As a bicycle mechanic you might:

  • build a bike to a customer’s specification
  • identify problems with a bike and discuss solutions with the customer
  • estimate the cost of repairs and give quotes
  • carry out service and safety checks
  • clean, degrease, lubricate or replace bike parts
  • order bike parts
  • liaising with suppliers and dealers.

Some bike mechanics might get the opportunity to attend cycling events as part of their job. Race events and charity bike rides often need bike mechanics to provide repairs and technical support.


Key skills and interests

To become a bicycle mechanic, you would need:

  • a keen interest in cycling and bikes
  • a recognised cycle mechanic qualification or equivalent work experience
  • strong manual skills
  • knowledge of a wide range of cycling equipment
  • the ability to recognise faulty equipment and to carry out maintenance and repairs.

Working hours and conditions

Working Hours

You would work a standard number of hours in a week, which may include weekends.


You could work in a variety of businesses, including retailers, wholesalers, suppliers, manufacturers, race teams and tour companies. You will usually work indoors in a workshop, but may travel if you work for a race team or tour company. The work can be quite physically demanding and you would be on your feet a lot of the time.

Bike mechanics use various tools and cleaning chemicals. You may need to wear protective clothing such as overalls and eye protection.


How to become an Bicycle Mechanic?

Entry Level Education

You can work as a bicycle mechanic without formal qualifications. You would probably get some informal training on the job.

You can also become a bike mechanic through an apprenticeship or traineeship in Bicycle Mechanical Technology or Bicycle Workshop Operations. Entry requirements may vary, but employers generally require junior secondary school certificate or equivalent.


Job outlook

  • 1 2 3 4 5

Cycling is increasing in popularity, and bicycles are becoming increasing complex and costly. As a result, more opportunities are becoming available, but employers often seek trained and qualified employees.

Employment may be on a full-time or part-time basis and may include seasonal work.


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