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Engine and Machine Assembler

Engine and machine assemblers construct, assemble, or rebuild machines, such as engines, turbines, and similar equipment.

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    VET qualification

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What does an Engine and Machine Assembler do?

Engine and machine assemblers construct, assemble, or rebuild machines, such as engines, turbines, and similar equipment used in such industries as construction, extraction, textiles, and paper manufacturing.


Work activities

As an engine & machine assembler, you would:

  • read and interpret assembly blueprints or specifications manuals and plan assembly or building operations
  • inspect, operate, and test completed products to verify functioning, machine capabilities, or conformance to customer specifications
  • position or align components for assembly, manually or using hoists
  • set and verify parts clearances
  • verify conformance of parts to stock lists or blueprints, using measuring instruments, such as calipers, gauges, or micrometers
  • fasten or install piping, fixtures, or wiring and electrical components to form assemblies or subassemblies, using hand tools, rivet guns, or welding equipment.

Key skills and interests

To become an engine and machine assembler, you would need:

  • an aptitude for practical manual work
  • care and patience
  • good hand-eye coordination and good eyesight
  • the ability to carry out repetitive tasks quickly and methodically
  • the ability to read and follow instructions
  • a safety-conscious approach to work.

Working hours and conditions

Working Hours

Most engine and machine assemblers work full time, and they sometimes work evenings and weekends.


Most engine & machine assemblers work in manufacturing plants, factories and workshops. Some of the work may involve long periods of standing or sitting.


How to become an Engine and Machine Assembler?

Entry Level Education

You can work as a machine assembler without formal qualifications. You will probably get some informal training on the job.

You can also become a machine assembler through a traineeship in Electronic Assembly, Process Manufacturing, Engineering - Production Technology or Computer Assembly and Repair. Entry requirements may vary, but employers generally require junior secondary school certificate or equivalent.


Job outlook

  • 1 2 3 4 5

Employment of machine assemblers is projected to grow slower than the average for all occupations.

Within the manufacturing sector, employment will be determined largely by the decline in the local production of certain manufactured goods. In most other manufacturing industries, improved processes, tools, and, in some cases, automation will reduce job growth. However, automation is not expected to have a large effect on the assembly of machines that are very complicated, as complicated techniques often cannot be automated.

The largest increase in the number of machine assemblers is projected to be in the supply of temporary or contract workers to various industries.


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